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OFA Commentaries

OFA Commentary: May 18, 2017
Census data reflects changes in agriculture industry
By Rejean Pommainville, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture
There were encouraging trends and very few surprises in the 2016 Census of Agriculture data released on May 10 by Statistics Canada. This recent wave of census results provides an interesting check in on what is trending up and down in the ag sector. The information serves mostly to confirm what we know is happening in the agricultural industry across Canada, and within Ontario. ...read more

OFA Commentary: April 6, 2017
Government releases Red Tape Challenge report on food processing sector
By Peggy Brekveld, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture
When the Ontario government announced its Red Tape Challenge in 2016, Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) encouraged all farm businesses to submit their comments as part of the open and public review of regulations that impact the entire food value chain. During August and September of 2016, input was gathered on regulations affecting the food processing sector, and the final report for the sector was officially released on April 5, 2017. ....read more

OFA Commentary: February 24, 2017
OFA addressing skewed farm tax ratio with municipalities
By Peggy Brekveld, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Rural municipalities across the province are feeling the squeeze of funding shortfalls. Changes in provincial funding programs, boundary amalgamations and rising infrastructure costs are among the many causes of strained municipal budgets. These monetary concerns are leaving municipal councils looking around for other funding sources, and that puts a lot of pressure on the property tax system. .....read more