Perth County Federation of Agriculture

2017-2018 DIRECTORY

Up for re-election end of 2018

Joanne Foster

Joanne Innes (OFA PAC)

Eric McLagan

Kirk Rankin

Up for re-election end of 2019

Bill Denham

Robert Martin (Pres)

Darryl Terpstra

Sharon Weitzel

Up for re-election end of 2020

Julie Danen (OFA PAC)

Jason Follings

Tim Halliday (Vice Pres / OFA PAC)

Sara Wood

Brent Royce (OFA Zone 7 Director)

Margaret Vincent (OFA Zone 7 Member Service Representative)

PCFA Executive Committee

President - Robert Martin
Vice President - Tim Halliday
Executive Member - Julie Danen
Executive Member - Sara Wood